Voter Registration FAQ

Where can I find a voter registration application?

  • Applications are always available at the Elections Administration office located at 200 W. Bermuda St,  Quitman, TX.
  • You may also print a voter registration application and send it to our office at PO Box 970, Quitman, TX 75783.
  • Applications can also be found at local libraries, post offices, the sub-courthouse, and Justice of the Peace offices.

Is there a deadline to register to vote?

Yes. In order for a voter to be eligible to vote in an election, the voter must be registered 30 days before the election. If the application request is sent by mail and received after the registration deadline, the prospective voter will be registered for the upcoming election only IF the application is post-marked on or before the day of the registration deadline.

My name has changed. How do I change it on my voter certificate?

A voter may indicate they would like to update their voter information at the time of driver’s license information change. A voter may also print out an application from the Texas Secretary of State website or fill-out an application from our office indicating a change of name. Please fill out the name to match the photo ID you will use at the time of voting.

Do I have to register for each election?

 No. Once a voter has registered, he/she becomes permanently registered unless a change in status occurs, such as an address change.

My registration card has an expiration date. Do I need to reregister at the expiration date?

No, a new certificate will be reissued and sent to the address on file. This happens every two years.

My voter certificate does not have an active “valid from date” until Election Day. Will I still be able to vote?


What is a Suspended voter?

Suspended voter status indicates our office needs an updated address. This can be done by filling out and sending an application found under “Where can I find a voter registration application?” If a voter stays suspended for 2 years, the record will be cancelled by the state, and the voter will have to re-register in order to vote.

Is there a difference between moving within the county and moving into the county?

Yes. If a voter moves within the county, the voter must fill out an application indicating the address change. It is very important that the voter registrar’s office has the voter’s correct address on file. If a voter moves into the county, a voter must fill out a new voter registration application and send it to our office. Even if a voter is registered in another county in Texas, the voter must register to vote in Wood County in order to participate in local elections.